Dills Tavern

Guided Tours

Come join us for a guided tour of Dills Tavern, Bake Oven, Wheel Wright Shop, Rye Whiskey Distillery, 1798 Log Barn, Visitor Center, and Historic Educational Garden. Tours run approximately 1 to 2 hours.

Sundays (during the season: April 21, 2024 through November 17, 2024) at 2:00pm and 3:00pm.
$5 for individuals and $10 per family (immediate family only). Children under 12 are free.

Monday through Saturday by appointment only. To book a private tour or group tour, please contact us to organize your visit. Private tours require a minimum $100 fee with an added cost of $10 per adult and $5 for children ages 5-12 for each additional guest over and above the minimum cost. Private tours are contingent on docent availability. Advance notice of one week or more is needed for all private and group tours.

Dill's Tavern and Plantation: An American Dream

Interested in a tour?

Please follow these steps:
  1. When you’ve decided to join us for a tour, please come prepared that day by watching the video on this page prior to your tour.
  2. Arrive for your tour! Please begin in the Orientation Room and Gift Shop of our 1798 Log Barn on the Dills Tavern campus when you arrive.
  3. Payment will be collected at that time prior to the tour.

In 1794, John Dill, grandson of Matthew, built the stone structure that still stands today as the core of Dills Tavern. Additions were added by subsequent owners to make the building pictured here, the largest of which was made in 1800 when Maryland farmer and tavern owner Leonard Eichelberger bought the property from Dill.

The Eichelberger family doubled the size of the structure, making the tavern double as their residence. Under Leonard Eichelberger’s direction, the distillery, wagon-making, and wheelwright businesses flourished.

NYCHAPS acquired the 200-year-old Dills Tavern through the generosity of Charles and Lucille Vogelsong. The restoration of this historical treasure has been a challenge and a labor of love.

Today, Dill’s Tavern and it surrounding outbuildings have come to tell not only the history of Dillsburg but also the story of life on Pennsylvania’s frontier. The wheelwright shop is still in use by volunteers who practice the arts of blacksmithing, coopering and carpentry. Dill’s Tavern continues to grow as a resource for the history of Dillsburg and the study of 18th and 19th century American life.



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